Make Moving with Horses as Painless as Possible

Moving houses by itself can be a stressful affair, and moving with horses can be even more so. Are you planning on relocating and worried about how your four-legged friends will fare? Never fear!

With some thoughtful planning and organization, relocating can be exciting instead of hectic. This guide will help you (and your horses) have the best experience possible.


Start Early

Sell everything you don’t need. Moving is much easier when you don’t have exorbitant amounts of equipment and accessories to travel with. Thin out what you need to carry to your new home by holding a garage or barn sale or even listing things on Craigslist or Ebay. Not only will this help reduce clutter, but this is a great way to make some extra cash, as well.

When packing, label everything. This is true not only with your personal household items, but with your horses’ items, too. Labeling boxes by room helps keeps things organized, and it saves time later when you’re looking for specific items.

Make sure your new property is “move-in-ready.” Do the best you can to make sure the trip is as quick as possible for your horses. Making sure your new residence has mended fences, food stocked, and a place for your horses to be sheltered as soon as your arrive will reduce the time the need to be in their transport vehicle


The Big Day

Make sure your vehicles are prepared. Before moving your horses, double-check that their transport vehicles are up to standards, and that your horses will be comfortable. It is also a great idea to check that your towing vehicle is in proper condition to travel. Moving day can be hectic enough, so you don’t need unforeseen circumstances added to your itinerary!

Prepare your horses for travel. Do everything in your power to protect your horses and make their journey as comfortable as possible. Provide plenty of hay and water, even if you aren’t planning on traveling far. While you may be tempted to wrap their legs to protect them during the move, doing so can actually harm your horses’ tendons by not letting heat escape. If you’re not used to transporting your horse, consult a vet.

Keep calm and carry on. Horses are intelligent animals with a knack for picking up on emotional cues. If you are nervous and anxious about your move, your horse will mimic that. Try to stay as calm and positive as possible during the day.


We Can Make Your Move to Virginia a Breeze

If you’re looking to relocate to Virginia’s countryside, let us help! As a team of real estate experts who specialize in Virginia country homes and equestrian properties, we can help you manage all the details of your move—and give you peace of mind. For more helpful suggestions for moving with horses, look at our helpful guide or  contact us today to start your journey.

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