How to Pick the Perfect Equestrian Property Investment

What to Consider in a Horse Farm

Whether you’re just getting started in horse breeding or need a larger farm, it’s vital to find the right equestrian property to help you achieve your business goals. Luckily, there is a property for sale in Delaplane, Virginia that can help you do just that.

The perfect example of an equestrian investment property, 9376 Briar Lane in Delaplane, Virginia offers a 6-stall horse barn, as well as grazing paddocks and other features. By purchasing a turnkey property like this one, you can start working toward your investment goals immediately. Using this property as an example, we have a few property search tips to help you make the best decisions.

Make Sure There is a Tack Room

As you’re probably well aware, equipment can cost almost as much as a horse itself! Since saddles and other supplies can cost thousands of dollars apiece, it is imperative that the equipment be stored properly for longevity. A tack room is the ideal storage solution for these delicate leather goods.

A controlled room like the one in our example equestrian property acts a shelter from extremes in temperature that could be potentially disastrous for equipment and medicines alike. At 9376 Briar Lane, the tack room is both air conditioned and heated to adjust to the changes in Virginia weather.


Space to Roam

Horses require much activity to remain in perfect health, and especially in competitive condition. Exercising them regularly is a must, so having a property that gives you the ability to do that should be a requirement for your next horse farm.

Consider choosing a property that not only meets the bare minimum but also has room for a range of activity to not bore the horse and rider! Featuring a 100’ x 200’ riding arena, 31 acres and more, 9376 Briar Lane has it all and then some.


Make Sure You Love the House, Too!

While your main source of concern when buying an equestrian property is the comfort and happiness of your horses, don’t forget about your own needs! Finding a home that fits your lifestyle is just as important as finding a property that meets your horses’ needs.

Imagine waking up every day to breathtaking views, making coffee in a gourmet kitchen, and only being steps away from the paddocks and stables. At 9376 Briar Lane, this is the reality. Enjoy spending time outside the barn as much as in it with this spacious open concept home.

Ready to Find Your Ideal Equestrian Property?

As a team of local real experts, we specialize in horse farms and other country properties! We’re happy to be your best resource every step of the way as you’re searching for an investment property.

Contact us today to schedule a tour of 9376 Briar Lane, or start the hunt for your perfect property!

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