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Annual Equestrian Events You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Living in the Virginia countryside offers breathtaking views, and a lifestyle centered around equestrian shows and events. This area is home to a variety of annual equestrian events like horse shows, races, and more!

We invite you to discover the wonderful equestrian amenities for yourself by attending these annual events!

Spring Kicks Off A Year of Equestrian Events

Black horse show jumping at equestrian event.As the weather starts to heat up, and the flowers begin to bloom, so do the equestrian events in Virginia! Fox Pointe Farm Hunter Series Horse Show, starts off the Spring season at the end of March, and continues with a monthly event until October.

The Commonwealth National is another great event to participate in during this season, and is the first of six weeklong events of the HITS Culpeper Show Series

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Summer Is The Prime Time for Horse Shows

horse in a stable in Warrenton.If attending and participating in horse shows is your favorite past time, you definitely don’t want to miss out on all of the fun this Summer! There are a total of five horse shows in Virginia during the month of June, and there is also a pony show in Warrenton, which is known as the oldest pony show in America.

The town of Upperville hosts the Loudoun Benefit Horse Show, and Upperville Colt & Horse Show. Other shows such as the Virginia Arabian Horse Show, and BRH Annual Hunter Horse Show are hosted in nearby towns.

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Fall Offers Equestrian Benefits, Games, and More

horse and rider dressage at annual equestrian events.While the leaves begin to change, and the days become shorter, the equestrian events are still in full swing! If you’re a derby fan, place your bets at the Josephine Mysliwski Hunter Derby in September. This time of year is the end of the HITS Culpeper Show Series, and you’ll find out who will be the champion during the Culpeper Finals.

Fall is also known as a time to give back in the equestrian community. Consider attending Autumn Olive Farm’s annual H.O.R.S.E Benefit Show, in order to raise money and awareness for Rett Syndrome research. Finally, end the year of events at the Baroque Equestrian Games towards the end of October.

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Live Near These Exciting Events!

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