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Searching for Your Dream Home? Treat Yourself with Your Own Wine Tasting Room

If we had to describe this equestrian estate in one word, it would be “unbelievable.” Boasting a 5,256-sq.ft. Stone Manor home plus a beautiful stable, guest cottage, riding arena, and more, 2380 Atoka Road in Marshall has what it takes to be Virginia’s finest dream home.

Stone Manor for sale in Virginia

Why 2380 Atoka Road is Virginia’s Best Address

There’s nothing finer than owning a home that caters to your every want and need. Designed to be the perfect Virginia estate home, 2380 Atoka Road affords you all the beauty of the countryside, the convenience of on-site boarding and riding facilities, the space to house your vast wine collection, and the freedom to host countless dinners and get-togethers with everyone you know. Here’s just a glimpse of the luxuries that 2380 Atoka Road has to offer.

This Home is the Ideal Equestrian Retreat

Virginia’s countryside is steeped in equestrian tradition, and 2380 Atoka Road reflects this heritage. The iconic stone and log riding stable (pictured below) adds a touch of historic charm while offering all the space and amenities you need for your horses.

stone and log center aisle stable

The riding arena (pictured below) is another key feature of 2380 Atoka Road. Take advantage of all the open space to train, and enjoy the beautiful views while doing so. You can catch a glimpse of the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains peeking over the mature trees. If you enjoy hunting, you’ll be pleased to know that the renowned Piedmont Hunt meets in the area.

horse riding arena at Marshall VA home

Entertaining Guests is a Breeze

What’s an unbelievable estate home without plenty of space to entertain? 2380 Atoka Road has enough room for all of your guests — and if a few want to stay, the guest cottage has all the space and amenities they need. On those warm summer days, you can spend hours relaxing in the infinity spa and pool (pictured below), feeling the breeze on your shoulders and the sunshine on your face.

infinity pool with Virginia countryside views

Take a break for lunch and head indoors, where the luxuries only continue. Reclaimed wood floors and multiple fireplaces are rustic yet elegant touches that add warmth to the home even on the coolest winter days. And when it’s time to prepare dinner, the grand kitchen (pictured below) has the space and premier features, like the six-burner stove, to ensure everyone has enough elbow room.

chef's kitchen with six-burner stove

Have We Mentioned the Wine Cellar?

Treat yourself to your own private tasting room and impress your guests with your vast collection of rare vintages. 2380 Atoka Road has a premier wine cellar (pictured below) that is the envy of any sommelier.

wine cellar in Marshall VA home for sale

Eager to view more photos and a list of this home’s amazing amenities? Learn more about 2380 Atoka Road here or contact us at 703.966.9480.

Take Your Personal Tour of 2380 Atoka Road

You must see this home to believe all the luxuries it has to offer. Let me take you for a showing! If you’re interested in this equestrian property in Marshall, call me at 703.966.9480.

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