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What You Will Need to Do When You Move Barns

Maybe you want to move your horse to a barn closer to you. Maybe you’ve decided to buy a home and move to Virginia’s beautiful countryside, or you’ve decided to sell your home and move somewhere else. No matter why are changing your horse’s boarding situation, moving barns is never easy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the experience easier on yourself or your horse.

Here are a few things to remember when changing boarding stables.

Gather All of Your Horse’s Paperwork

Before the move, make sure your have all of your horse’s records handy and vaccinations up to date. It’s best to keep all of your horse’s paperwork — health certificate, Coggins test, vaccination records, etc. — in one place for easy access.

Find the Boarding Facility You Need

horse stable in VirginiaFinding the right barn is much like searching for the right home. First, you’ll need to make a budget and choose a location. Then, you’ll need to make a list of the features you and your horse need most in a boarding facility. Here are a few Virginia farms with boarding services that you can consider.

If you prefer to keep your horse at home, there are Virginia properties for sale with a barn. Let us know if you’re looking for something specific.

Plan Your Move in Advance

There’s nothing worse than packing last-minute and realizing you forgot something essential, like your horse’s medication. Pack for your move as soon as you can to prevent unnecessary stress on moving day. Here are a few tips to make the move as hassle-free as possible:

  • Label everything. That way, you can quickly find anything you need at the new barn.
  • Create a “moving survival kit.” Include medication, your horse’s health records, and more than enough feed for the trip.
  • Make a list of emergency phone numbers. Hopefully you will not need to call any of your contacts, but the list will come in handy should you need to contact your veterinarian or the boarding stable.

horses grazing in a fieldTake Everything One Step at a Time

Moving can be stressful for both you and your horse. Remember to be patient and take it slow so neither of you get overwhelmed with the process.

We Can Help You With Your Real Estate Needs

Are you moving boarding stables because you’re buying or selling a home in Virginia? Our team of real estate experts specializes in Virginia country properties and the equestrian lifestyle. We can make your entire real estate journey a smooth experience for both you and your horse. Call us at 703.966.9480 to get started.

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