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You Can Create These Show-Stopping Horse Costumes with Just 3 Items

It’s amazing what a little bit of paint, well-placed fabric, and creativity can do when it comes to making Halloween costumes for horses. From pop culture references to classic horse-and-rider costumes, horse owners have no limit to how ingenious or hilarious their Halloween costumes can be.

Whether you want to win a horse costume contest in Virginia or just want to dress up with friends for Halloween, you can create one of these well-designed and crowd-pleasing costumes with just a few items.

round reading glassesHarry Potter, The Horse Who Lived

What You Will Need: White or black paint, a black sheet, and a red striped scarf

Harry Potter-related costumes are among the most recognizable Halloween costumes. Create an instant crowd-pleasing horse costume by painting glasses and a lightning bolt “scar” on your horse’s head, then draping the scarf around your horse’s neck.

The Headless Horseman

What You Will Need: White paint, a fresh pumpkin, and a patient horse

This horse costume may take some time to create, but the results are always worth it. Paint ribs, neck bones, and a skull on your horse in white paint. Set aside the pumpkin to use yourself when you are ready to present your costume. You can use this picture of a skeleton horse costume as a guide.

close-up view of a white horseA Beautiful Unicorn

What You Will Need: A white horse, a horn, and a floral wreath

All you have to do for this classic horse costume is attach a unicorn horn (which you can either buy online or create from cardboard and an elastic band) and flowers to your horse’s bridle.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

What You Will Need: Brown felt antlers, bells, and a red ball

This cute, festive Halloween horse costume doesn’t require much effort at all. You can either create the “reindeer” antlers from stiff brown felt or buy them from a pet store. Add the bells to your horse’s bridle, and then fasten the red ball or pom-pom over your horse’s nose.

A Fearsome Pirate Horse

What You Will Need: A striped bandana, a pirate hat, and white paint

There are dozens of ways to create a pirate costume for your horse, but the simplest way is to attach the bandana and pirate hat around your horse’s head, then paint a skull and crossbones on your horse.

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