The Best Ways to Pamper Your Horse

a horse rearing up on its hind legsIn the Virginia countryside, our horses mean the world to us. Whether we own horses for competition or for leisure, we treat them with the best care and personal attention.

Here are just a few ways you can pamper your horse.

Monthly Care Packages

One way that you can pamper your horse is with the treats, tack, and other surprises that come in a monthly subscription box. Heart to Horse is one of these care packages, arriving in the middle of the month with different items picked by equine experts.

Equine Hydrotherapy

Another way to pamper your horse? A day at the spa.

Hydrotherapy, using equipment like an underwater treadmill or specially designed pools, allows your horse to enjoy the benefits of conditioning without as much stress on the joints or muscles.

Daily Grooming and Quality Feed

a horse eating hayPampered horses are healthy both inside and out. One way to treat your horse well is to groom them daily. You could even add black hoof polish or braid their mane.

Don’t forget the basics — clean water, quality hay and forage, and plenty of room to exercise.

Plenty of Space to Run and Play

Space is an important part of pampering your horse. You can give them acres of space to run in their free time and a barn or stable to let them sleep comfortably. The Virginia countryside has plenty of spacious horse farms and properties with a barn.

We Can Help You Find the Right Horse Farm

horses grazing in a field in front of a country homeThe lifestyle in Virginia is centered around horses, and we know where you can find the best home with plenty of space for you and your horse.

Looking for a specific property? We can help! We specialize in country properties from land, cottages, estates, and horse farms to professional equestrian facilities. Let’s talk.

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