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3 Essential Tips to Keep Your Horse Healthy and Safe

We all love the the excitement of major races like the Preakness, but it’s so easy to forget how quickly and unexpectedly an injury can happen. We’re shocked and heartbroken about Homeboykris and Pramedya. Because many of us own horses ourselves, this tragedy struck us very close to home. It’s a good reminder that our own horses’ health and safety are important, both on the track and at home.

The Key to a Happy and Healthy Horse

Horses are just like us, and it’s easy to see why we consider them part of our family. We enjoy the Virginia countryside and each other’s company. We can get stressed out. We need the right diet and strong immune system to stay healthy.

With the right care and the best support, both you and your horse can live long and happy lives together. Here are three important tips to remember when taking care of your horse.

a horse owner petting her horse1. Minimize Your Horse’s Stress

A happy horse has a healthy mind and body. It’s important to keep physical and mental stress to a minimum. So when you are out riding or training them, be patient and be conscious of their hooves and joints. Give them free time out in the pasture. Give them a treat once in a while. Let your horse know you love them.

2. Feed Them a Quality Diet

Another way to make your horse happy and healthy is with the proper diet. Keep your horse’s water clean and fresh and give them quality feed daily. After all, you are what you eat.

3. Schedule an Annual Vet Checkup

Horses are just like us. Even if we don’t feel sick, we need a regular checkup with our doctor to see if there are any issues that we don’t know about. Have the vet come out and give your horse an annual exam and vaccinations to keep them at their healthiest.

Find the Best Space for Your Horse in Virginia

We treat our horses like family, and they deserve the best space in our Virginia country homes. If you need more space for your horses, or if you’re moving to the Virginia countryside from another area, we can help you find the right amount of acreage and the best facility available to make sure you and your horse are happy.

Let us help! Just call us at 703.966.9480.

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