chicks in a chicken coop

5 Tips to Transform Your Garden into a Small Backyard Farm

The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and the days are getting longer. It’s well into spring, and you’re eager to start planting vegetables and preparing the beehives. Are you a new backyard farmer or are you wanting to brush up on what to plant? Here are the essential spring gardening tips to transform your garden into a small backyard farm.

vegetables from a backyard gardenWhere to Place Your Garden

Like with choosing your Virginia country home, choosing the right spot for your garden is all about location. Make sure you choose an area that gets enough sun, has great drainage, and is close to your water source.

How to Prepare Your Garden

Spend some time “spring cleaning” your garden from the winter. Remove leaves, sticks, and weeds from your existing garden or build raised beds for your new garden, and have your gardening tools ready.

What to Plant in the Spring

Different fruits and vegetables should be planted and harvested at different times. There is even a helpful planting calendar to help you get started. If you’re preparing your garden in springtime, these are the common vegetables to start planting:

  • April: potatoes, Swiss chard, onions, leeks, beets, carrots, peas
  • May: eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, melons

chicks in a chicken coopWhere to Place Chickens

If you want chickens in your small backyard farm, you can either build your own chicken coop or just buy one.

Space-wise, you should provide about 3 square feet per chicken for the coop and enough space outside the coop for them to run around. You can read this article in Countryside Daily for frequently asked questions.

Where to Place Beehives

If you want to keep bees in your garden for pollination and honey, there are many resources about beekeeping you can reference. Keeping bees in your garden means you will need a hive, a smoker, and hive tool, but you can purchase beginner kits with all the equipment you need.

You can talk to a local beekeeper or find information about beginning beekeeping on the American Beekeeping Federation’s website.

Starting Your Own Backyard Farm in Virginia?

Buying a home in the Virginia countryside gives you more than a beautiful place to live. You can often find horse farms for sale or properties with large yards to provide you with the gardening space you need. But small backyard farming is a fun way to transform any country property into your favorite space.

a virginia house with blooming garden in the springWe can recommend local resources to help you start your own backyard farm. And if you’re looking for a country home with enough space for your own backyard farm, we can help you find it.

Use our basic home search tool or just call us at 703.966.9480.

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