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Why Spring is the Best Time to Buy a Home

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and the flowers are starting to grow. You know what that means — spring is here!

In the past, springtime has been the start of the busy home buying season since the weather is finally warm enough to tour homes. But now that it is much easier to find homes for sale online, is spring still the best time to buy a home?

Yes, and here are three reasons why.

Estate Agent Showing Prospective Female Buyer Around Property1. Warm Weather is Perfect for Home Showings

Even though you can view images and detailed information about available homes online, it is still more enjoyable to tour a home when the weather is warm, the sun is shining, and the flowers are blooming.

The Virginia countryside seems more alive in springtime, and the allure of this season makes houses and horse farms start to feel more like a home.

2. There are More Homes on the Market

Spring is also a great time to sell a home, as we wrote about earlier this month. As you and other home buyers are searching for a new home, more sellers are putting their homes on the market, so you have more properties to choose from.

Looking for a professional boarding facility or property with an indoor arena? How about a horse farm for sale? It’s much easier to find what you are looking for in the springtime with more homes available.

3. Move in Time for Spring Horse Shows

Our area of Virginia is known as Hunt Country, and you can find dozens of local horse venues that host a full calendar of events for you to enjoy.

Black horse show jumpingBut buying a home in Virginia in the spring means you have a chance to settle into your new place just in time to visit some of the area’s best events:

The Real Estate Market is Busiest in Spring

Spring is the busiest time of the year in real estate, since the pleasant weather is the perfect setting for buyers to look at homes. This quarterly report from the Virginia Association of Realtors shows that the number of home sales peaks during the second quarter in our area every year.

Since springtime is the busiest time of year for real estate in Virginia, you may feel frustrated trying to compete with other home buyers to find the best home with your features. But we are here to put your mind at ease.

We Can Help You Find Your New Home in Virginia

We are real estate experts in this area and have everything you need to find the perfect home, from an easy home search and equestrian home feature search to a list of helpful home buying resources, and we want to make sure you can find exactly what you are looking for. Just give us a call at 703-966-9480 and let’s talk.

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