6 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Country Home

December is here! Can you believe it? It’s time to start wrapping holiday gifts, making trips to see your loved ones, and decorating the tree. And that means looking up ideas for country home Christmas decorating.

Deck the Halls with DIY Rustic Decor

rustic decor with mason jarRustic home decorating is all about paying homage to country roots, which you can do by using textures (like wood grain and mercury glass), neutral colors (like browns, pale hues, and creamy white), and natural materials (like wood and stone).

There are so many ways that you can use rustic elements to decorate your Virginia country home for the holidays, but here are six of the most popular country Christmas decorations that you can make yourself.

1. Use Mason Jars as Candle Holders

If you have empty Mason jars or other glass containers just lying around, you can turn them into decorations that are perfect for the holidays.

Give these light containers a festive look and feel by painting them gold or silver, placing a few small candles inside, and then setting them just about anywhere: on the centerpiece, on the mantle, on the windowsill.

2. Use Natural Wood in Your Decorations

Many country homes in Virginia use natural wood in everything from the building materials to the finishing touches, so you can bring this popular rustic element into your holiday home decor.

Popular ideas include:

  • using pine birdhouses on the windowsill
  • placing presents in vintage wood crates
  • stacking wood by the fireplace or on your porch

3. Add a Dash of Red to Your Centerpiece

Want to really make your holiday decorations pop? Add just a splash of color to the neutral decorations with faux cranberries or holly berries, especially if your centerpiece is an evergreen garland.

Or, you can add the red touches to your other rustic decorations and make a subtle yet impressive statement.

4. Make a Twig Garland for Your Christmas Tree

Again, natural wood is a popular element in country home decorations, and what better way to decorate for the holidays than a small yet effective wood garland?

If you want a free and easy do-it-yourself project, this is it. Here’s how you can make a twig garland that would be perfect for the Christmas tree, the mantle, or even the staircase:

  1. Gather thin branches from your yard. It doesn’t matter how long these twigs are, as long as they are thin enough. You can always cut the branches into shorter segments later.
  2. Clean the twigs and remove any buds, leaves, or imperfections. You can sand the ends flat for a neater edge, or you can leave them as they are.
  3. Tie the branches together with twine. You can use a single knot and place the twig in the middle, and hot glue the knots for extra hold. The twine also adds texture for a greater effect.
  4. Create your ideal garland length, then finish your garland with a single knot after the last twig, leaving a moderate amount of twine so you can hang up the garland.

5. Cover Large Letters in Newsprint

What words come to mind as you think about the holidays? How about “joy,” “peace,” or “love”?  You can turn these holiday-themed statements into wonderful rustic works of art that are perfect for your country home.

Large letters of the alphabet have been popular decorations recently. Put a Christmas country spin on them by decorating individual letters of these words with newspaper, burlap, or even old sheet music.

6. Hang a Country-Themed Wreath on Your Front Door

natural holly wreath with holly berriesPut a rustic spin on a Christmas tradition with a wreath that speaks of country roots.

You can choose a variety of natural and textured materials for your DIY holiday wreath — tree branches, burlap, ivy, etc. — but whatever materials you have on hand should do the trick. Or, you can purchase a simple evergreen wreath and decorate it with burlap, newspaper, and holly berries.

Go ahead and get creative!

Want Your Own Virginia Country Home for the Holidays?

The year may be wrapping up and many people may be preparing for holiday parties and get-togethers with loved ones, but that doesn’t mean home buyers have stopped looking for a place to call their own.

There are still homes for sale in the Virginia countryside, and whether you’re still looking for the perfect community to call home or a property that matches your equestrian lifestyle, we can help you find a home that is perfect for celebrating the holidays (and hanging up your rustic Christmas decorations). In fact, we specialize in country properties, from estates and horse farms to professional equestrian facilities.

So go ahead and search for your dream home, or contact us at 703.966.9480 or CindyPolk1@aol.com and we can help you find your perfect country home.

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